January ~ winter solace

January 9, 2009

I think when I was younger, I thought January was sort of a drag (especially in Montreal, where I went to grad school). This year more than any other, however, I find January to be absolutey delightful! I can even stand the cold weather (somewhat) because of the coziness of retreating indoors, finding quiet places, serene moments, empty spaces. After the insanity of the holiday season, I can sigh and think “thank god it’s over!” I have also found myself thinking that instead of pushing myself to get one more thing done when I’m working at something, I can actually take a step back and think, “Naaaa…wait until tomorrow.” What luxury! What delight!

I have been having some ovarian cyst issues too…so low and behold, I’m taking some time to make my own herbal formulas for *myself* which is actually the shocker of 2009 so far (Inauguration, move over). It feels good, though. January, you are my new love. Stay with me a while…


Phew – what a week!

November 6, 2008

I have to say that working full time, parenting a toddler, dealing with regular household crises AND trying to get an herbal bath and body business underway is soooo tiring. Some nights I am just desperate to put my feet up. But on one hand, I remember reading about people starting their own businesses who would be up until 4 am every morning trying to get things accomplished. Still, when you are advocating for balance, it is hard not to crave some in your own life!

So this is what I try to sneak in as mini-moments of me time:
* blog entries!
* reading Herbal Quarterly and Herbal Gram, to great herb-based magazines/journals
* etsy surfing
* a glance at Mothering magazine or natural toys catalogues (with my toddler in mind!)
* a nice cup of tea in the afternoon ~ maybe even with a treat if I’m lucky.
* True Blood or Dexter (though now I’m trying to watch Bleakhouse, a BBC Masterpiece theatre production
* movies with my huspea! (that’s hubby to you)

Still, i am feeling pretty out of balance these days but it’s the holiday season so I don’t think I have much choice in the matter! Tough luck 😉