Blogging: you’re supposed to do it every day, right?

December 13, 2008

bali_facial_23I guess I need to get better at updating my blog more regularly, eh? The busy holiday season has been busy but not totally out of control. I have lots to do to get things out by Tuesday for ample shipping time, but tonight I can’t bring myself to make one more batch of soap, lotion, or tea blend! It’s already 10pm but I might just need to watch that last 2 hour finale of True Blood (a show I like in concept, but which has ended up underwhelming and even disappointing) or maybe I’ll make some of my jewelry gifts I am planning to give this holiday season. You can check out a few things at but I am really bad at keeping that updated with new creations regularly. I love the bumble bee honeycome quartz earrings, though. I was thinking today that I really need to create a separate business card for Lilith’s Jewels and try to get on top of that more, even though there are only 10,000 etsy jewelers! I’m exaggerating, but not by much!

I have had a number of wholesale opportunities come up of late, and I am a little perplexed about what to do. Should I really try to push doing wholesale so I get Lilith’s name out there? It’s so much work for so little real, financial return, but I know that this is often the avenue to get a business off the ground. I would almost need to cut back a day of work at my ‘real’ job if I was really going to do a ton of wholesale.

I really would never be able to STOP working in my little apothecary, though. I have thought about the ‘cost benefit analysis’ when I am up working until 1 or 2am night after night, and then getting up at 7 to get my daughter and myself ready for daycare and work. It’s exhausting! I rarely have time to relax, let alone take care of my own self…but in many ways, the creative process is taking care of me by fullfilling something inside me. I love coming up with new ideas and products. I love helping others and learning by beginning to understand what other people are going through and experiencing. I get so much from the positive feedback my customers lavish upon me. It’s a lot of work, but it’s growing (albeit slowly) and I guess, ultimately, I wouldn’t want to live without the gift Lilith gives to me.