Making Infused Honey with Household Spices & Herbs

cinnamon infused in honey I wrote this DIY post for a local group of handmade artisans here in Philadelphia, for the Handmade Philly blog. But what could be a better project for my own readers than herb-infused honey, using readily available sprices from your kitchen cabinet and herbs fresh from the garden? Pop on over the Handmade Philly and check out the post.

2 Responses to Making Infused Honey with Household Spices & Herbs

  1. Dee says:

    Hi, I received a gift from Mary (Affordable Skin Care) of one of your lip-balms over a year ago. It does not contain Shea which I’m allergic to. Well, my little container is almost empty and I would love to get some more. I’m not sure what it is called, but it’s almost minty… How can I purchase more? Thanks

    • lilithsapothecary says:

      Hi Dee! Well, you’re in luck. I recently made a fresh batch of my Lemon Balm & Mint Lip Salve, which is also healing & therapeutic for cold sores, in addition to having that minty fresh tingle. I am so glad you enjoyed the balm from Mary 🙂 This is my etsy listing for the lip balm, so you can read more about it:—mint-and-lemon-balm—minty. Both Mike in Cornerstone Market & Produce and Mary of Affordable SKin Care (both on Girard Ave) have this lip balm packaged in lovely glass lip salve jars ~ available for $3. I will also be at this weekend’s Fishtown Shad Fest in Penn Treaty Park in case you want to pick on up there (in 10ml plastic containers). Thanks so much!

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