Home Spa Treatment #1 – Treat those eyes


thanks to iChaz on flickr

"Aloe" thanks to Herb Companion

"Aloe" thanks to Herb Companion

I’ve been offering you some Herbal Remedies quick tips, but I’d like to start a new series of Home Spa tips focusing on different treatments you can do at home for your own private spa experience.  Let’s start with those alluring eyes of ours that communicate so very much.

We all know by now why there are eye serums & creams on the market. First, we live insane lives here in the United States, where the response “Busy” has replaced “Fine” when we are asked how we are doing. Second, we don’t get enough sleep. Third, sun damage. Finally, despite our greatest efforts, we are aging, and here in America, we don’t tend to like that. Despite the truth that many skin care product claims might be a bunch of B.S., there is actually some truth to ingredients that attest to reduce puffiness, smooth out wrinkles, and brighten our peepers (or at least the skin around them).

These ingredients, when present in your eye care product, can do a lot to remedy your eye area issues: Retinol (increases collagen production), forms of zinc (may increase elastin production), cucumber extract (anti-inflammatory), chamomile extract (anti-inflammatory), caffeine (diuretic – so it reduces puffiness & seems to “lift” eye tissue), Vit C (decreases melanin production, treating dark circles), and Vit K (helps break down pigment particles in blood, decreasing dark circles).  Extra-emollient oils can also help keep that fragile skin elastic and supple, reducing wrinkles in the long-term and helping repair sun damage. That sun damage part can also be mitigated by anti-oxidants by reducing the ravage caused by free radicals.

Weren’t you wondering why I include green tea (antioxidant, vt C, and caffeine), Vit C, and chamomile in my popular Eye Potion? Don’t worry – I’m making a fresh batch next week. But I’m here to tell you about home remedies you can do yourself! Fortunately, there is a lot you can do yourself at home to do something for your poor tired eyes.

Eye cream

Lilith's eye potion

Tea Bag eye packs
— seriously! That concentrated tea contains caffeine that is proven to reduce puffiness. Leave teabags on eyes for 10 minutes and make sure to use cool water as hot water may burn and can help dry out eyes. Use a caffeinated tea with rosehips and you have a good amount of Vit C in there too. One with green tea, chamomile, and rosehips and you have an eye tea powerhouse!  Hey…maybe I should make these.

Cucumber eye packs. Yeah cucumber! We all know that Cool as a Cucumber says it all. And cucumber truly does reduce puffiness and inflammation, calming the eye area (and the rest of the skin too!). You can use cucumber distillates, mists, or slices of the vegetable placed over your eyes for 5-10 minutes.

Eye Serum. You can create a special oil of emollient oils such as avocado, coconut, shea, meadowfoam seed, hemp seed , evening primrose, and rosehip seed oil. Extra powerhouse ingredients include carrot oil, blueberry seed oil, seabuckthorne berry oil, and essential oils or CO2 extracts of Calendula, blue chamomile, and helicrysium.

Eye Potion. This is a simple Cocoa Butter & Coconut Oil recipe from Herb Companion. You need only two ingredients and you don’t need to use preservatives because there is no hydrous, or water, component. Super rich and long-lasting.

Cooling Cucumber Eye Gel.  I love this recipe from Herb Companion and remember when I first noted it when it appeared in print last year. This is a once & done spa treatment, meaning that it won’t preserve longer than a few days if kept in the fridge. But considering the ingredients, including fresh cucumber juice and aloe vera, it sounds like a great treatment!


7 Responses to Home Spa Treatment #1 – Treat those eyes

  1. Tamra says:

    hey there! I have real issues with stuff around my eyes. I’ve tried SEVERAL eye creams – work WONDERS on my wrinkles, but irritate my eyes to no end. I’m going to try the Cucumber Gel though! Thanks for sharing!

    • lilithsapothecary says:

      A lot of people do! It’s such a sensitive area and of course, your eyes are designed to have all kinds of mechanisms to keep things out. I think that those mechanisms can be kicked into gear even more depending on physiological differences in eye ball shape, eye lids, whether or not you’re *used* to touching your eyes (i.e. contact lenses), etc. It’s better not to irritate them. I think that eye gel really might be okay for you, though…you’ll have to tell me how it works! And of course the tea bags and cucumber slices would probably be just fine too 🙂 Tell me how it goes! I’d love to hear because my mom-in-law has super sensitive eyes like that too.

  2. Sasha says:

    These are some fabulous tips! My Celtic skin (and sun-worshipping tendencies) mean that my eyes really show their age! Until you make your new batch of eye potion, I’m going to try some of these techniques. And SLEEP! (-:

    • lilithsapothecary says:

      Sasha, I hear that! I’m fair skinned with that Irish/Welsh/English ancestry to back up my tendency to burn. But believe me, no matter where you’re from, the eye area with that delicate tissue is always first to show age. Working on prevention of those signs of aging while you’re still a young doe is always a helpful step in the process, and application of a good eye cream daily can help. But you’re right…what could be better than sleep? My eye potion is back in my shop, by the way. I hope you’re enjoying your other Lilith’s Apothecary goodies!

  3. […] Lilith’s Apothecary has several tips for creating your own private spa experience at home. These particular tips deal with reducing eye puffiness, smoothing out wrinkles, and brightening the skin around your eyes. You may also like… […]

  4. Veraina says:

    where do you find containers online to put the homemade products in?

    • lilithsapothecary says:

      There are many online companies that sell containers, and quite a few do not have minimum order requirements. Try Sunburst Bottles, Burch Bottles, or CPS containers and packaging, for starters. You can also often purchase packaging (at a higher price) from cosmetic ingredient suppliers such as Essential Wholesale or From Nature with Love, so keep that in mind for small batches. Enjoy!

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