Immune Boosting Herbs talk @ Holistic Moms Network meeting




Tonight I had the pleasure of presenting about the use of herbs to fight colds and flus, particularly with regard to the treatment of small children. The presentation was delivered to a local chapter of the Holistic Moms Network. It’s fun presenting to the choir, more or less, as this group is made up of parents who are interested in holistic health & living in all respects. And such a lovely group of people, dads and moms alike!

We were able to talk about the energetics of foods and herbs, the use of preventative versus acute herbal remedies, and dosages for small children & infants. I am again reminded of how wonderful it is to share knowledge and information about our botanical allies, and of course giving such talks only reinforces that for me. I was reading a bog post on ProBlogger this morning about weighing the cost-benefit of speaking at events for free. In other words, what’s in it for the business? For some people, attending a far away conference to speak without compensation means that they have to figure out why the trip would be worthwhile, whether through contacts, networking, or business sales. I definitely identify with that when I think about my ‘day job’ in Public Health. I also make decisions like that when it comes to my business, Lilith’s Apothecary. But when it comes to herbal medicine, if I can afford it, I am more than happy to participate in any way I can. It’s true that I do indeed have an herbal bath and body business of sorts, but I don’t educate about herbs because I want to sell products. In fact, I hardly even indicated that I have a business tonight. Instead, I want others to learn how to make the products for themselves! Sure, I can make it for you if you don’t have the time or desire (i.e. I can’t sew, so someone has to sew things for me!), but if you want to make your own herbal syrup, by all means! Let’s do it. And doing it together is so much fun.

Holistic Moms Network
NJ/Philadelphia Chapter
Collingswood, NJ 
Thanks for having me!

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8 Responses to Immune Boosting Herbs talk @ Holistic Moms Network meeting

  1. Tamra says:

    What an awesome meeting that was. My entire family of 5 have a cold and because of your meeting I’ve already made my own teas and soups using the ingredients and recipes you provided at that meeting! Thank you so much for the inspiration and giving me more courage to just up and do it! Thank you for coming to us – I had no idea it was a free gig for you… certainly you gave a gift that will keep on giving to me and my family!

    • lilithsapothecary says:

      I’m so glad that you enjoyed the talk! The feedback I have gotten back from all of you has been so effusive and generous; you can’t imagine what a gift that is to me, a budding herbalist. Tonight I was participating in a student forum lesson with my more advanced fellow East West School of Planetary Herbalism students, and I felt the incredible amount I have yet to learn. That said, how wonderful that we can all learn to use our botanical friends, bit by bit, and return to the medicines of the earth. Thank you so much for your comment!

  2. Laura says:

    Sarah –

    Thank you once again for the wonderful talk….we all learned so much. And as Tamra said, I think you gave all of us the confidence to go out and try some of our own remedies and tonics. It always seemed so beyond my capabilities, but you showed us how easy it really can be to keep our own families happy and healthy!

    • lilithsapothecary says:

      Dear Laura,
      Thank you so much for your comments! I love sharing my own experiences and knowledge of herbs, and yes, it’s a gift of nature that we need not be afraid of! I find that western medicine is — and always has been — adverse to allowing individuals to take their health into their own hands, but there are so many things we can do at home to keep sickness at bay. Herbs are a wonderful tool in that holistic toolbox. Best,

  3. Virginia says:

    Sarah, what a gift you gave all of us who were able to join you for your presentation! We are all so incredibly grateful for your time and the knowledge and wisdom (and delicious infusions!) you shared with us! We are now planning to have an herbal brewing party to make some of the syrups and infusions that you introduced to us, in bulk to share among our families – you really inspired us! I hope you can feel the warm fuzziness generated from your visit! It was also pretty awe-inspiring that you were able to give such a lucid, organized, and thorough presentation over a chorus of evening baby sounds. Not only was the excitement palpable in the room that night, but you’ve given us lasting inspiration AND amazing handouts and resources! And I’m guessing I’m not the only one who has been browsing your Etsy store and reading your blog as a result 🙂 Thank you again!

    • lilithsapothecary says:

      First of all, congratulations on the birth of your child! how delightful and Tristan is a wonderful name to boot. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and wonderful comments above. i was delighted to come to your group and would be happy to do so again. Now you rest and enjoy your newborn! If I were there, I’d give you some shatavari root and cinnamon, but that’s just me 😉 Kind thoughts, Sarah

  4. Sarah O. says:

    Thank you again for talking to our HMN group last month and for all the great info you have on your blog. Your store is amazing! I have referred to your handout more times than I can count! I am an aspiring herbalist with great hopes to enroll in an official program ASAP. I have been using herbs for my family for years but there is so much more to learn. There’s always more! Thank you for spending the evening with us. You have encouraged and enlightened.

    • lilithsapothecary says:

      Sarah, Thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I know about a lot of different programs at different levels. We should talk! Feel free to contact me anytime at and I do appreciate your support and enthusiasm. 😉

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