Home Spa: Beauty Blossom Facial Part III

Rose Water, or Hydrosol

Rose Water, or Hydrosol

Part III in the perfect home facial is quite simple, really, in that it requires only a gentle, natural toner to close pores, further tonify the skin, return facial tissue to it’s natural, slightly acidic pH, and leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvinated.

Happily, this final step is easy to achieve with the use of natural botanical hydrosols, which are the water by-product of steam distillation. When making a pure essential oil, the fragrant, therapeutic, volitile oil is separated from the flower pulp. The water by-product, while not containing the essential oil, will retain many helpful, therapeutic components. Some manufacturers of hydrosol actually pay more attention to achieving the perfect hydrosol than they do the essential oil. Hydrosols, the natural distillates, are different from some ‘floral waters’ that are made up of distilled water and synthetic fragrance, so take care to make sure you are obtaining a natural product.

I discussed several different hydrosols in Part II, so you can choose the hydrosol of choice based on those descriptions. I am going to give you a simple recipe, however, for a toner utilizing pure aloe vera, rose hydrosol, chamomile hydrosol, neroli hydrosol, and a touch of white vinegar to re-balance pH. Be aware that any of these ingredients, when used in isolation, provide a perfectly wonderful finishing touch to your facial. The aloe vera also adds some additional moisture that may mitigate the need to follow with a moisturizer. You might want to go without a final serum or cream unless your skin feels too ‘tight’, in which case a simple, non-clogging facial oil may be the best choice, as it is the most likely to be preservative – free and best on that freshly cleansed face.

Beauty Blossom Toner

1/3 cup aloe vera ‘juice’ (pure, natural aloe vera has a thin consistency, as it doesn’t contain synthetic gelling agents)
2/3 cup rose hydrosol (tonifying, regenerative, aromatic)
1/3 cup chamomile hydrosol (anti-inflammatory, calming)
1/3 cup neroli hydrosol (gentle, aromatic, tonifying)
1 Tbsp white distilled vinegar (pH balancing)

Directions: combine ingredients and package in a dark glass bottle. As this is an unpreserved, aqueous product, it is best to keep it refrigerated. You can apply the toner to a cotton cosmetic pad or cloth and apply to face and neck following removal of your facial mask. Alternatively, package in a glass bottle mister and mist onto face when desired. A lovely summer time refresher!

Some sources for these ingredients include Essential Wholesale, which pays a lot of attention to quality control and microbial checks, and Mountain Rose Herbs, which provides organic, incredibly beautiful quality products in their most natural state. From Nature with Love also provides natural hydrosols, but be sure you are buying the hydrosol and not the synthetic “floral waters”.

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