Eco headwear for the wee ones

ecotouque_litttlebitofsunshineSo…i guess in this winter cold i have my darling Maeve’s wee little pig-tailed head in mind when I am perusing etsy. First I hightlight a fairy fiber hood for small tykes and now, this lovely find. In their wonderful Woodland & Feathers gift guide, i came across Little Bit of Sunshine’s ( eco touque…that would be ‘hat’ here in the good U.S. of A. I love the little appliqued mushroom on this eco find.

Little Bit of Sunshine is obviously a Canadian shop, and I was dismayed to see this little notice in the shop:
“As you are all aware, certain legislation will come into effect on February 9th 2009 in America, governing the sale of all items intended for use by children ages 12 and under. I can not conciously flout the laws of your good nation, and so as of that date, Any child or baby item in my shop will no longer be available for purchase in the United States of America. I am truly sorry, and look forward to a day when this is no longer the case.”

Um…i guess I am not exactly aware of this ‘certain legislation’. Huh? Enlightenment would be nice, as it is midnight and I am not about to launch an investigation! Well, at least my Canadian friends can purchase from Little Bit of Sunshine for their darling wee bairns. (That said, i have to admit that my cousin-in-law, Nicole, if posting the same on her own lovely blog would have done the research!!! Shame on me, I guess)

UPDATE: Littlebitofsunshine did write me back with the following:
The legislation I was referring to is the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act
(CPSIA for short) which will come into effect as of February 10th 2009 throughout America. It is the American government’s attempt to contol the onslaught of shoddily made and dangerous toys coming into the market from less controlled suppliers in countries like China, Thailand, and India. It is a widesweeping law that legislates that any product intended for use by children under the age of 12 must have every element within it tested for controlled substances like lead and phospates, irregardless of the material used to make them. While on the outset this law seems like a pretty goood idea, the reality is that the testing is so prohibitively expensive that in order to test each of my children’s items I would have to mark them up to well into the thousands of dollar range just to recoup my losses, and all that when I already know that I didn’t dip the baby hat into a vat of lead. It’s a very huge issue right now amongst artisan who deal in handmade children’s items, as this law will ultimately ruin many an artisan of fine handmade children’s wear and toys.

You can read more about the law here
(not my blog….but a very concise write up on the CPSIA)


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