Jeanne Rose ~ Scented Geranium Toner

Peppermint Scented Geranium

Peppermint Scented Geranium

Jeanne Rose is an amazing herbalist & aromatherapist who has distilled her own essential oils for decades and has taught others how to do so! She’s been inspirational in my creation of natural & herbal bath & body products, including lovely lotions and creams. I always have lots of scented geraniums to nurture through the winter (indoors) and before bringing them indoors I often trim them up a bit (hopefully that’s an okay thing to do ~ i am a beginner gardener!). Anyway, what to do with these lovely, fragrant scented geranium leaves? Well, aside from herbal hair rinses and bath teas, Rose’s geranium “lotion” seems an appealing project for a dark winter day…

Infuse 1/2 oz assorted scented geranium leaves in 1 cup of vinegar for 5-10 days. Strain and use as a stimulating refreshing astringent. Dilute with water to use. (Jeanne Rose’s Herbal Body Book, 1976)

Thanks Ms. Rose!

You might also try adding the dried leaves to a batch of soap or making a strong infusion of say, rose scented geranium, to create a toning facial or body cream (as the water component)

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  1. […] actually drawing water right out of the air, and thus, honey has fabulous hydrating abilities.  Jeanne Rose, the famous essential oil distiller and aromatherapist, recommends a “honey pat” or a […]

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