hm. twittering. I felt at first that I was just talking to myself (and that’s okay) in my attempts to find distractions during my day job, but then a cloud began to emerge … of…followers. A few I know well, a few I have never heard of in my life, though there is a tangential connection of some kind, and a few are loyal customers/acquaintances through Lilith. I am not sure yet what I think of the whole twittering phenomenon except that….
*sometimes it’s nice to just communicate a sentence or two to someone instead of feeling you owe them the big email ‘update’ as you’ve put it off for months.
*sometimes it’s just nice to kind of echo the banalities of your life (the bird that was flying around in your bedroom on a january morning, the fact that you watched Sillyville with your toddler, a yen for pumpkin muffins. Is this because of the fact that so much of our community is indeed Virtual?
Well…feel free to follow me on twitter ( and I’ll be happy to exchange a few of those real-life-me moments!

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