Cloud Mist collaboration ~ artist Jan Blencowe

I often struggle a bit with a new tea label ~ be that tea a black, red, green, or herbal blend (and yes, I know, i know, technically herbal teas are not tea at all, but rather ‘infusions’). My new Cloud Mist (yun wu) green tea blend features jasmine blossoms and dried lotus petals and is quite a beautiful tea blend, meditative, and lightly floral.

In poking about the net, I found artist Jan Blencowe, and her lovely painting Cloud Mist ( I wrote her to ask her about using her painting on my label if I provided her website and name. She was more than willing, and dreamt up an idea to collaborate with a local tea shop in her area: Tea Savy, and perhaps have an art showing with her paintings and my teas! It’s such a great idea, I do hope it happens. Thanks Jan!

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