Back from CA ~ ready for more!

Whew, holiday season has HIT but most of my orders on etsy still seem very personal, rather than gifts for family or friends. I love helping people craft custom formulas, and it’s so rewarding to get feedback that my creations are really working. What’s really amazing is how simple, pure ingredients are so much better for the skin than these expensive commercial foaming creamy whaznits! Love the feedback, guys! I am especially delighted that the Cleansing elixirs and Clarifying Facial Serums are having such success against acne.

Maeve and I went out to California last week to visit some LA cousins ~ we had a great time, enjoyed the fantabulous weather and also learned a lot about a product called Xango, a natural supplement that harnesses the power of mangosteen, a southeast asian fruit that has been used as a tea, a topical salve, and a medicinal remedy for many common complaints, including inflammation, pain, skin conditions, and infections. Xango is a *tasty* supplement and I’d love to start using it myself. I found that I was looking forward to having a little xango ‘shot’ every day, just knowing I was gifting myself with all that antioxidant, anti-inflammatory goodness. Yeah, mangosteen!

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