Herbal Infusions

I’m really happy that I got some new photos up today on my etsy site for some of my visually beautiful herbal tea blends. It’s hard to know, sometimes, what attracts people to a blend, but I always feel that some of these are too visually stunning to resist (let alone tasty).

It’s great to get comments and suggestions about herbal teas, though. One of my etsy customers, Waterlilysage, commissioned one of her favorites, and so I added a new spin off of that one. I drink thyme tea as a matter of course, so this jazzed up version is even more delightful and a new favorite for me too!


3 Responses to Herbal Infusions

  1. ooh! i am tickled that you actually named this one after me! 😉

  2. emm says:

    what are those purple flowers in your “Herbal Nourishment Daily Infusion” image? i went to your etsy site, and couldn’t find that tea blend.
    thanks for any info.

    • lilithsapothecary says:

      Hey there, Thanks for perusing my blog & etsy site. The flowers are red clover blossoms, highly nutritious and medicinal in their own right, though the leaves & flowers are often used together. I don’t have this blend up right now because I’ve been having some trouble getting good quality red clover blossom flowers right now! Mountain Rose Herbs carries them, however. ~ Sarah

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