Welcome friends and family!

Maeve & Mom at the 2008 Renaissance Faire

Maeve & Mom at the 2008 Renaissance Faire

Well, if you clicked on my wee blogspot link, thank you! I am so glad you have visited Lilith here at Lilith Headquarters (lol)!

I am struggling to start a legitimate bath & body business on my own while working a 40 hour week, parenting a two year old, and just handling all that regular stuff that life throws at you. My real challenge is finding time for further education, though I feel as though I am learning with every day. I am participating in an herbal course through Michael Tierra, one of the founders of the American Herbalists Guild and one of the most respected herbalists in the country. I am also thinking about trying to get a degree in Nursing at some point (something I should have done ages ago but didn’t realize at the time!) in order to lend further legitimacy to the work I do. Everyone wants credentials they recognize!

I love the practice of herbal medicine and herbal-inspired home & body care ~ there are many avenues to follow this dream and Lilith affords me daily participation and the honor of working with many wonderful customers who more often than not end up quite happy and well taken care of!

As my most prized audience, my own friends and family should not hesitate to let me know of products they are looking for and custom gift baskets and the like, should you all need them. Tell me! I’ll always try to accomodate. Thanks for visiting me and don’t forget … You are my inspiration!


3 Responses to Welcome friends and family!

  1. Becky says:

    Hello Cousin! It is fun to check up on you now! You look beautiful in that picture, btw! Maeve is beautiful as well!
    I love your bath teas! What do you use to clean Maeve? I know soap is not necessary until the wee ones get older, so I was just wondering what you use on your wee lass.
    I hope you are well despite your crazy busy times!

  2. lilithsapothecary says:

    Thanks for checking out my blog, cuz!
    Well, maeve has eczema so I generally use a soap-free bath mix that I created. I call it the Soothing Skin Soak in my etsy shop.

    Calendula blossoms
    rose petals
    chamomile flowers
    colloidal oatmeal
    atlantic sea salt.

    The salt provides some cleansing action, but you’re right, they don’t need to be all scrubbed up at this age. The warm water takes care of a lot and using the above in a muslin bag as a wash bag helps to further cleanse but also have that eczema prone skin benefit from the soothing action of the oatmeal.

    You can do a variation of this at home by buying re-usable muslin tea bags or just tying the following up in a baby washcloth:
    Just get rolled oats or even more finely cut oats
    fine sea salts (not too coarse)

    The mucilage from the oats will provide a wonderful soak for the baby’s itchy skin and the salts, again, provide therapeutic cleansing action. You can also add a floating bath oil if your toddler needs more moisture or follow the bath with a skin soothing oil (sans petroleum oils or mineral oils, and fragrance free to avoid pthalates — or made with only pure, very gentle essential oils like lavender or chamomile).

    Hope that helps!
    love ya 😉 Sarah

  3. sagelet says:

    hi sarah, so nice to see you’ve got a blog! just wanted to say hello, and thanks again for all the wonderful lotions and herbal counsel!

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